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My dad grew up loving horses and passed that on to me before I was able to walk.  I was fortunate enough to grow up in the saddle, starting with English and swapping over to barrel racing when I was 11.  It was an instant addiction, I fell in love with this industry and am blessed to do it full time now.  For several years I focused solely on chasing rodeo and building my resume; I learned a lot on a variety of horses across the country. I created my business and grew my clientele training horses for others, while maintaining a successful stable of my own. Recently, I shifted my focus and began the process of training futurity horses.

My goal is to create competitive and fun to ride horses, that make the sport enjoyable for the owner/rider. I believe each horse should have a solid foundation, be soft and supple, and most importantly, have correct form in their turns.  When selling horses, I try to match horses to riders, ensuring the most successful outcome in the arena.  This sport is meant to be fun and competitive; let's continue to grow it, work on teaching proper horsemanship from the youth to the seniors along the way, and spread the love of horses!

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